The New TLDs: Set to be Revealed April 30th

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Soon the public will get to know exactly which new TLDs were applied for following an application timeframe allowing for such overseen by Internet authority ICANN.

On Monday, the organization said it had set aside the last day of April for the revelation. “Our plan always has been to publish the list of applied-for strings approximately two weeks after the close of the April 12th application window,” commented ICANN President Rod Beckstrom in a press release regarding the matter.

ICANN initially announced the application process last year, allowing anyone to apply for their own customized domain endings instead of using .com, .net, .org, or other currently available TLDs. The time frame began January 12th, is vigorous and requires an application fee of $185 thousand dollars. However, ICANN has allowed some (including those in developing countries) to apply at a reduced price.

ICANN’s new TLD plan hasn’t come without controversy. Despite agreeing that the initiative should move forward, in December, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission expressed concern as to how the new TLDs would affect the fight against spam.

While April 30th is the set date, Beckstrom indicated that postponement was possible in the case of a high number of new applications. In February, ICANN indicated that it would support a second application timeframe sometime in the future. For more information on ICANN’s TLD plan, view a FAQ by the organization here (