The Only Complete Archive Migration Solution for Microsoft Office 365

The Only Complete Archive Migration Solution for Microsoft Office 365(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Globanet™, a leading developer and reseller of data migration, archiving, compliance and eDiscovery solutions worldwide, provides a data migration software that is capable of reconstructing Bcc data during an Exchange Web Services (EWS) migration. Globanet Migrate™ features patent-pending technology that is designed for the specific purpose of efficiently and reliably migrating data between on-premise and cloud-based archive environments. The software’s newly discovered EWS capability is a unique feature that allows organizations to continue to search against Bcc data during regulatory investigations or eDiscovery once the data is migrated to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.

Organizations that choose to migrate their journal data from legacy archives to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange can leverage Globanet Migrate to ensure that data integrity is maintained. Exchange Web Services is the most efficient migration method to deliver archived email data to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange personal archives. Most migration solutions are unable to reconstruct mail envelopes through EWS, which prevents the retention of Bcc data and creates inconsistent results between migrated data and native Exchange data. Globanet Migrate is able to keep Bcc data intact and transfer all metadata while migrating through the EWS tunnel with speeds twice as fast as the average migration solution.

“Bcc data can play a crucial role in eDiscovery and regulatory investigations. To prevent legal risks, organizations need a data migration solution that is capable of reconstructing the envelope during an EWS migration, ” says Sam Elbeck, Senior Director of Business Development and Client Services at Globanet. “Globanet Migrate is able to provide organizations with peace of mind, knowing that all of its data has been safely migrated to a new archiving solution and is ready for eDiscovery.”

Key Globanet Migrate features include:

  • Chain of Custody and Reporting: Ensures and verifies that data integrity remains intact
  • Enhanced Auto-Tuning: Optimizes the use of available hardware to produce a smoother and more efficient migration
  • Advanced PST Technology: Increases data integrity by removing the prerequisite to install Microsoft Outlook
  • Selective Migration: Target scoping allows for focus and flexibility in migrating specific subsets of data
  • No Staging area needed: Able to migrate directly Microsoft Office365 without the need to go to PST first
  • Supports Multiple Environments: Ability to migrate data to and from a variety of sources and targets including but not limited to:
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Symantec Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007-2013
  • EMC EmailXtender
  • EMC SourceOne
  • HP Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS

Pricing & Availability
Globanet Migrate is available now. The software is typically priced on a per-terabyte basis regardless of the number of archives. Please contact Globanet at (888) 427-5505 or click here to request pricing.

To get more detailed information on Globanet Migrate, read the data sheet or visit the Globanet Migrate web page.

About Globanet 
Globanet is a leading developer and reseller of archiving, data migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in archiving and intelligent information governance and has developed a portfolio of software and services to help organizations manage data from creation to expiry. Globanet’s proprietary solutions include the Globanet Merge1™ message capture platform and Globanet Migrate™ data migration software. Globanet’s broad range of services includes policy and solution design, installation and configuration, data migration, custom add-ons and project-based eDiscovery consulting. Globanet is a proud Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.

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