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(Ping! Zine) – The Planet, the global hosting leader, today announced that ( is featured in a new video from the company. Using The Planet’s colocation services, provides around-the-clock live and on-demand true streaming using today’s most popular formats, including Flash, Silverlight and Windows media. With the company’s easy-to-use packaging, customers are typically up and running in one day’s time.
Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and its principals – Wayne Coleman and Eric Stone – work with customers to eliminate complex and difficult-to-understand streaming plans.
“Our clients come from a broad spectrum of businesses, from non-profit radio, churches, government organizations, sporting events and even convention sessions,” said President Wayne Coleman. “We have long-term relationships with our clients, based on the reliability and personal service we provide. We stream video around the clock since our clients are located around the world. We’re backed by The Planet’s colocation capabilities, which allow us to take advantage of their powerful network and bandwidth.”  

“Colocation is a popular option for customers who want to manage their own infrastructure, and also require a world-class network and access to multiple tier-1 bandwidth providers,” said Tom Blair, vice president of Global Sales with The Planet.  “We also have customers who opt for colocation and dedicated servers, depending on the service profile they require. Whatever option they need, they have the power to choose the products and services that best meet their requirements.”
Wayne Coleman and Eric Stone have worked in the commercial television broadcasting industry for more than three decades. Through their years of experience, Coleman and Stone have developed not only a sound understanding of the business they deliver, but also the complexities of what works best for their customers. serves a broad customer set around the world, offering specific plans for each. From church audio, non-profit radio and satellite-to-bandwidth, they’ve designed bandwidth plans with cost-effective pricing as a key component. The company also provides dedicated servers to their customers, which allows them to completely manage their own infrastructure.

The partners have developed their business based on the promise to help their customers with affordable streaming, with plans that eliminate the high costs and difficult-to-understand terms. To further support customers, provides a ‘frequently asked questions’ document and an online tutorial that provides insightful information to guide prospects in making streaming video decisions.

“Our success is based on one-on-one relationships with our customers, and we have a 90 percent retention rate over the past seven years,” says Coleman. “We charge only for delivered bandwidth, with no set-up fees, no fees for unlimited media storage, no contracts, and no punitive bandwidth overage charges. We offer 24-hour phone customer service, backed by streaming statistics and data backup.”

Coleman and Stone, both licensed pilots, often use their company plane to meet customers around the country.

“We can be anywhere in the country with a day’s notice, and our customers appreciate being able to meet with us one-on-one,” says Coleman. “It also adds a consultative discipline, which few companies offer. We view our business as personal to each organization we serve, which contributes to our success.”

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