The Power of Social Media as a Marketing Tool for a Small Scaled Business

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – If you’re a business tycoon or an owner of a multinational corporation, then funds and resources in order to promote your company will not be a big problem anymore. But for recently established small-scaled businesses, resources are often limited and funds are properly allocated that having some extra money to spend on other expenses may not even be possible. This is why new business owners are encouraged to find and utilize every available means of advertising and promotions.

In a traditional advertising setting, the “word of mouth” is the cheapest and easiest way to promote a product. After all, if a customer is pleased with the products being offered, it won’t be long until other people will find out about it. But in today’s world of modern internet technology, different marketing strategies have been formulated in order to keep up with the changing times. Now that people are glued to their mobile phones and laptops, the internet has provided companies with a new platform where they can offer their products and services to a wider clientele.

The popularity of social media continues to rise and has been proven to be one effective method of brand promotions. Different social networking websites has millions of users from across the globe; just a fraction of this market can bring in a lot of potential clients for recently established small businesses.

Social media has been a driving force not only in terms of online marketing but even as a way to get messages of change relayed to a number of audiences. News travel fast in micro blogging sites such as Twitter that often times you’ll get to know about the story through this website before you can watch it on the TV. And how it is slowly shaping the society is one of the reasons why business owners should tap into this as a method of brand advertising and promotions.

If you want to use these social networking websites to your business’ advantage start by signing up for an account. Build a list of followers by engaging in social media interactions with other companies that are related to your field of business. Keep your account active and posts pictures or promotional offers that will surely attract more customers. Make sure that you answer questions promptly and continue to keep your followers updated with recent news and developments about the company.

On an average, marketing through social media could probably take at least twenty to thirty minutes of your work time. This is relatively faster compared to long meetings and discussions about marketing strategies and at the same time won’t cost a lot as well. The best thing about the using the social media is that there’s no need to hire a professional to do it.

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