The Pros and Cons of Mobile Web Design

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – What is one thing that most people cannot leave their homes without? It used to be car keys and wallets but in this age of modern technology, mobile phone is one thing that a person won’t forget. Mobile phones have become a necessity for communications and with the popularity of smart phones, there’s an endless possibilities. Gone are the days when mobile phones are just for text messages and phone calls, now you can check your email, access the internet and do other tasks that used to require a computer.

Now that more and more people are using mobile internet, it is only vital for businesses to tap into this potential market. This is one of the reasons why the demand for professional mobile web designers continues to rise. While it may not have a huge difference to the usual web design, the challenge here lies in creating a site that is user-friendly and compatible to a phone’s web browser. And since a lot of companies are jumping into this latest form of media and advertising, it is only important to point out the pros and cons of mobile web design in order to give people an insight on what it could provide along with the issues that might come with it.

The Pros:

  1. Having a well planned and executed mobile website is a good way to attract more visitors and potential clients. Mobility is one thing that these smart phones offer. Anyone could easily read and find out about a website without having to use a laptop. With a mobile friendly site, it is easier to reach out to a wider market.
  2. With mobile web design, people could see a company’s interest in providing quality service to their customers. Keeping up with the latest trends in internet and mobile technology gives internet users the impression that your business is willing to try different means in order to provide easy access to their customers.

The Cons:

  1. There is actually no big advantage with mobile web design but there’s a possibility that problems could arise if the site is poorly developed. Remember the basics in web design but be more creative and make sure that compatibility and system requirements were followed.
  2. Keep in mind that mobile internet continues to expand and develop which means having a mobile website will require constant updates and improvements. This could cost a good sum of money. Make sure that the company has enough funds to cover for such expenses in order to keep the site up and running.

Mobile web design requires a very detailed procedure and it is usually more convenient to hire the services of a professional to do this.

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