The Role of Article Submission in the field of SEO

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO has become a popular strategy for interment marketing and promotions. The process has provided websites with positive feedback that result to a more successful advertising campaign and increase in the number of prospective customers. But SEO is such a broad term and it includes not just one procedure but a number of techniques in order to increase a site’s page rank and web traffic.

One known strategy is through article submission. Article submission is a two-part process and writing is just the first one. In this phase alone, much effort and time should already be put in. The success of article submission as a tool in SEO lies partly on the content and how it is written. But a poorly written article will most likely be rejected by publishers who are looking for high quality and unique articles.

Submission and at the same time publishing is primarily what the second part is all about. Once you have an article ready, you will need to submit to different article directories and websites in order to gain exposure and web traffic. The reality is that hundreds of articles get rejected every day. And how can you make sure that your article will be approved and published: below are just some the key points that every aspiring and existing content writer should know about:

Learn the Keywords

SEO depends heavily on knowing and using the right keywords. Search engines which are considered to be one of the determining factors with regards to a site’s web page ranking often base their metrics on words associated with a particular category. Writers should be aware of the keywords to use and insert them on the articles in a natural manner. Do not just place these words in sentences without a complete thought. Also remember that too much keyword in one article is not advisable. Keep the keyword density to a minimum of 1-2% per article.

Keep it Short

Most internet users are often browsing two to three different websites at the same time. In this age where time is very valuable, these readers want to get answers fast. Avoid having a lengthy article that will bore readers. Keep it short, direct to the point and written in a manner that your target audience can easily understand. If you are targeting young professionals or college students, you may want to leave out words that are too technical.

When submitting articles, make sure that you are aware of the submission guidelines of the different article directories. Research about your topic and write a piece that is interesting to read.

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