The Sims 4: Features to Expect When You’re Expecting

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – 2014 will mark the re-birth of a classic gaming series. EA and Maxis just last week announced the latest installment in the Sims in the form of The Sims 4.

As EA looks to dust itself off after the recent SimCity online-only debacle, The Sims 4 will stick to the single player, offline-only format; something we think is a good move considering the not so great legacy left by The Sims Online (2002). In short, the multiplayer platform was never able to gain success in a way like Second Life has.

While we expect The Sims 4 to stick to its popular format of year’s past, many details have yet to be revealed regarding the title that won’t launch until 2014.

That being said, we do expect some intriguing new features with The Sims 4.

A recent article from Now Gamer recently speculated on some new features that would work well with the upcoming title. Such wishful thinking includes multiple cities, different building types, an option for turning off aging (sometimes we like to hold onto our beloved characters for a bit longer), characters that mature mentally, a more adjustable level of detail, more flexibility with careers and a “tone down” of relationships.

We’d highly recommend reading Now Gamer’s article. You can do so here (

The first Sims sold over 16 million units worldwide. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that EA and Maxis can return to such success with The Sims 4.

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