The Sims 4’s Single-Player Only Model a Safe Bet for EA?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Perhaps EA is looking to avoid drastic problems similar to those initially encountered with March’s release of SimCity. Why?  The company’s upcoming title, The Sims 4, will be single-player, offline only.

The game will be launched next year for both PC and Mac, EA and Maxis announced last week.

While not many details have been revealed, the upcoming title follows its predecessor (The Sims 3) in terms of sticking with the single-player only component.

EA did, however, launch The Sims Online back in 2002, a game that later shut down in 2008 following disappointing sales figures.

The popular life stimulation series has proven pretty successful overall. The original Sims sold more than 16 million worldwide, a figure EA hopefully can replicate with The Sims 4.