The Tale of Limitless Wi-Fi Freedom

The Tale of Limitless Wi-Fi Freedom(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Baynetwork announces the Limitless Wi-Fi™ solution to small and large business data mining. Using a proprietary product and service combination Limitless Wi-Fi™ allows businesses to provide customers with quick, convenient and truly free hot spot wi-fi internet access via a simple social site or other web login. This procedure creates customer satisfaction while assisting the business in the development of pin-point marketing plans and sophisticated trends analysis.

What We Do

Through the combination of custom hardware and hosted analytics software, Baynetwork installs a wireless hub that connects through an existing Internet setup. Through this hardware, we then configure a private, cloud-centralized account and device management capabilities for the specific business. As customers begin using the service, our software starts to record statistical data and develop trend analysis, allowing business owners detailed information for later targeted marketing. Baynetwork experts can even help with the entire process.

What it Means to Customers

In essence, Limitless Wi-Fi™ allows customers to connect to a WI-FI Hotspot without the need for inputting a credit card, filling out a form, or even asking for a username and password. Simply by using whichever social media login they have already set up personally, Limitless Wi-Fi™ allows customers to log on efficiently, with virtually no inconvenience. That’s it. They enter their own user/pass combination, and they’re in. From that point they can browse away however they wish.

Our system works on absolutely any device that connects to the Internet, and customers will be thrilled. Whatever they use to create their own personal bit of cyberspace — Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, any of dozens of supported social media frameworks — this allows them to browse the world from the comforts of any business.

Think about it: When customers come back and spend time at a business good things naturally follow.

What it Means to Owners

In addition to simply building good will with customers by enhancing their experience, Baynetwork’s Limitless Wi-Fi accumulates concrete data on the people actually using the service. Over time such information can become invaluable. Consider what it could mean if a local business could:

1. Tailor specific products or services to the interests of a specific visitor base, establishing repeat business and customer loyalty.
2. Approach advertisers with verifiable numbers that can make investment attractive to them.
3. Become part of a group at any level, from local or regional to national or international, gathering data on everything from interests, to levels of satisfaction, to the very latest in social trends.
4. Use all of this information to help refine a powerful, constantly evolving business plan.

Regardless of our feelings about the merits of the situation, no one can deny that the Internet has changed retail and public businesses forever. From this evolution, however, Limitless Wi-Fi™ can secure a position in an ever-changing social marketplace for years to come.

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