The Truth behind Buying High PR Domain Names

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Some people work hard in order to increase the page ranks of their websites but on one hand, others prefer to do it the easy way. Yes, there’s an easier path to take if you want to have a site that has a high PR but it does come with quite a heavy price. Some might not be aware of this but you can actually purchase a domain name that has a page rank of 4 and up on several auction sites such as eBay. But is this actually a good practice?

There are several downsides in this practice and extreme caution must be always exercised by the buyer. A higher PR does not automatically mean that the site has been indexed by Google already and not being indexed will render everything pretty much useless. There are tools and software online that you can utilize in order to check the page rank, index and back links. The use of these tools is a great help in determining if you are about to make the right decision when it comes to domain buying.

People buy high PR domain names for a number of reasons and here are some factors to consider prior to purchasing a domain name:

  1. A website’s page rank may change in time. Sellers cannot guarantee that a website will remain at its current ranking when you made the purchase. Don’t be surprised if it falls into a PR2 or PR1 with no apparent reason. The way Google ranks websites is still an unsolved puzzle even for internet experts. This is the reason why buying high PR domain names is often considered a very risky investment. A website can go from a high page rank to a lower one on the next Google update.
  2. Beware of fake sellers. Because of the demand in high PR domain names, the internet has become an avenue for scammers and fake sellers that are waiting for their next victim. Use the tools to verify the authenticity of a domain name and at the same time know a little about the seller. One of the pitfalls when it comes to buying online is that you don’t see the actual person and the transaction could be untraceable. These crooks know the ins and outs when it comes to scams and fake domains.

While having a high PR domain could provide you with a number of benefits, it is very important to be always careful especially if you are planning to purchase one. You might also want to consider using other strategies in order to increase your website’s page rank.

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