The Walking Dead Game Set to Sell Out During Pre-order

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The hit AMC Series, The Walking Dead, is now a video game that is being released by Telltale Games. The success of this television show is expected to have the same impact on the gaming industry when the newest version of The Walking Dead game hits retail stores on 12/11. The team has reviewed this game and inventory of online retailers and found that one retailer has a plentiful supply of these games in stock ready to ship on the release date.

The XBOX, PlayStation and PC gaming industry has grown in the past decade as thousands of games have been released. The online gaming industry has been helped by popular games like World of Warcraft that have introduced this way of gaming to men and women around the world. This continued interest is expected to boost sales in the gaming industry in 2012 according to the completed review.

Those that plan to purchase The Walking Dead game could find difficulty obtaining it from offline retailers. A limited supply of this new release has been reported. Many of the major chain retailers purchase large quantities and the smaller retail stores often receive few copies during the initial launch. The demand for this new version is expected to surpass the demands experienced in previously released versions according to iTrustNews.

All of the versions of this new game can access online streaming to take full advantage of team play online. This has been one of the selling points for this game franchise as single console game systems that do not access the Internet for gaming have fallen in popularity according to research. The team found that select retailers are providing download coupons of $5.00 to put toward the purchase of future released games for downloading a version of the Walking Dead game online.

The graphics industry has helped to bring back the demand for video games in the U.S. The design and development of popular games online and offline is partly responsible for the push in gaming in the 16 to 40-year old consumer demographic according to The Walking Dead game release date of 12/11 is expected by analysts to be one of the top selling download and console based games of the remainder of the 2012 season.

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