Things to Consider Before a Website Launch

Things to Consider Before a Website Launch(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Establishing a Web presence is one of the most important things a business owner needs to do if they hope to be successful in their industry. In fact, just about all of the articles in the Online Success Center are written based on the idea that a small business owner already has a site, and aims to be better at utilizing it for their business. However, if you are still among the percentage of small businesses that are without a website, or if you have a website that you are looking to re-launch, there are a few things to take into account before you make your new website available to the public.

Buy several domains.
One of the first steps to starting a website for your business is to buy the domain name. This is what visitors will use when they access your website, such as Not only should you purchase a domain name that reflects the name of your business, but you should buy similar names as well. If there are variations on how customers might spell your business name, try to have domain names that reflect those variations, that can point to the correct website Additionally, you should consider buying more than just a .com domain, such as .org or .co.

Put thought into the design.
As you browse the internet as a consumer in your personal life, you have more than likely stumbled across business websites that have not been thoroughly designed or cared for. Think of the impression that those types of businesses have left on you. When a website looks unprofessional and lacks useful information, customers will associate those same qualities with the business itself. It is crucial to put a lot of thought into how your website is laid out and designed. Put yourself into the shoes of your target audience and make sure that they would be able to find the information they need in an attractive, useful design.

Set up analytics.
Once the site is launched you will need to have an analytics tool in place to understand how your site is performing. Some of the metrics these tools measure include total visits, page views, time on page, etc. This kind of information can be of tremendous value for new website owners, because it shows where the site is successful and not successful in keeping visitors engaged. Read some of our earlier articles on the subject to learn more about how to use analytics for your business website.

Plan how you will let your customers know.
You don’t want to launch the site and then just sit back and wait. You need to let your customers know where they can find you. Prior to officially launching, think about the places you will list your website to encourage your target audience to come visit your page. You might include the URL in advertisements, on social media pages, on business cards, or on other promotional materials. The more ways you can promote your new company website, the better chance you have of seeing a successful amount of Web traffic.

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