Thinking of You

Have you ever sent an amorous text message? If so, you are centainly not alone, according to a recent survey commissioned by AT and T which examined the role of text messaging among adults ages 18-55. The survey sought to examine how text messaging is used for dating and relationships. AT&T’s 2008 text dating survey was conducted by Synovate via an online consumer opinion panel of 1,000 adults ages 18-55 in May 2008.

So what exactly did AT and T find out? The survey has revealed that fully 40 percent of text messaging adults who are dating or in a relationship consider text messaging to play a ”significant or very significant” role in their relationships. Alecia Bridgwater, Director of AT and T’s wireless messaging unit comments on these findings, ”People have discovered that there are moments when just the right text, sent at just the right time, can go a long way to keeping romance alive”.

It appears that the traditional love note has now evolved into thumb tapped lower case terse notes of passion from a cell phone or wireless device. The survey also pointed out these other interesting findings:

– Sixty-eight percent of texters surveyed admitted to sending a love note via text messaging. (“thinking of you” is the most common message)

– Sixty-seven percent have used text messaging to flirt.

– Fifty-two percent said “thinking of you” is the most common text message received from a date or spouse.

– Twenty-eight percent indicated that they text at least three times a day with a significant other or spouse.

– Eighty-two percent said they answer a text message immediately or as quickly as possible.

Since most web hosting companies have now added a ‘chat’ feature to both their sales and support functions – and since chat is now nearly ubiquitous in everyday life for technologist – I wondered if any ‘chat romances’ have sprung up in web hosting? In my recent work with the leader in VPS and dedicated servers, the most alluring text message I received was probably ‘what ru doing 4 lunch?’. Oh well, ‘c u l8ter’ on the Pingzine blog!

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