Time Warner Cable Considers Bids for Cablevision, Cox

staticTV(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – U.S. cable company Time Warner is said to be mulling bids to acquire smaller providers including Cablevision and Cox, according to a Reuters report on Friday.

A source indicated all companies were in talks as both Cox and Cablevision had been contacted by TWC.

Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt, meanwhile, has resisted a company merger with Charter. Liberty Media, which owns 27% of Charter, has wanted to buy Time Warner Cable recently.

It’s a sign that TWC would rather grow by acquisitions rather than be acquired.

In the past, both Cablevision and Cox have resisted buyouts, but things may be changing. “They don’t want to be in it long term anymore,” commented an unnamed person when discussing Cablevision Chairman Chuck Dolan, also the patriarch of his family, the Reuters report noted.

Time Warner Cable initially formed in 1989. In 2009, it became independent from parent company Time Warner.