Titanfall Update Brings Private Matches and More

Titanfall Update Brings Private Matches and More(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Respawn’s recently released hit game, Titanfall, received a new patch update on Thursday adding new features to all platforms.

According to Titanfall’s official website, the update features new party colors, changes options in the main menu, removes a wall hack exploit, and fixes various bug issues.

Additionally, a new Private Match mode is being testing in this update, allowing players to organize matches and tournaments against friends.

The beta supports 2-12 players, with 1-6 players on each team. Users can choose any of the game’s maps or modes to play in, as well as which team you’d like to be on.

“There is no XP gain, challenge progress, or achievement unlocking while in a Private Match,” states the patch notes. “For this beta, the last game summary screen will display what you would have earned in normal play outside of Private Match, but be aware that this progress will not be recorded to your lifetime total. For this beta, there is no concept of a ‘lobby leader’; any player can change game options in the lobby or start/stop the match countdown.”

Titanfall was released on March 11th for PC and Xbox One users, and on April 8th for Xbox 360 consoles.

For the complete patch notes, click here.