Top 11 iPad Apps for IT Professionals

Top 11 iPad Apps for IT Professionals(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When it comes to being an IT professional, communication is always a high priority. Because of this, many IT personal rely on smart phones to keep in contact. Being able to access server information on the fly from anywhere is important these days, especially when the servers are carrying important secure information.

Many times IT professionals are called upon after working hours and need reliable access to the servers to perform routine tests and scans so server monitoring apps are an important tool for anyone in the industry.

Being able to quickly determine network status, management and troubleshooting is also a necessary skill set with specialized tools and those included several apps that have received outstanding performance reviews from IT professionals all over.

IT apps out there cover a wide variety of tools from basic remote access to network diagramming. The following apps contain the tools that no IT professional should be without – depending on their duties.

  1. iSSH – One of the top tools for any network admin is SSH command line access, because it can be used to connect to networks, individual workstations, and network devices. There are a wide array of available SSH apps out there but iSSH is considered the best and no IT professional should be without it.
  2. iTap RDP and VNC – Remote screen sharing via Microsoft’s RDP protocol and/or the open standard VNC is another staple of the IT professional. iTap makes individual apps for each protocol and again this app is regarded is the best going for this service.
  3. LogMeIn – This is a SSH, RDP, and VNC access all-in-one app and it’s highly regarded by the pros although it is known to have issues with certain corporate firewall software. No matter your location you can quickly and securely log in remotely to get your job done, and LogMeIn also offers situation-specific software, as well as a desktop edition.
  4. Scanny – This all-in-one network scanning and probing app can help you to monitor the health, security and functionality of your system. Among the major features Scanny offers include: trace route, portscan, Windows hostname lookup, MAC address lookup, whois queries, ping, Apple Bonjour, and a list of known IP ranges (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, VPN etc.).
  5. Get Console – An iOS terminal console that support SSH and telnet. When coupled with an iOS cable, Get Console can directly access console ports on enterprise network like routers and switches, which is an important feature for IT professionals on the move.
  6. Net Status – If you are looking for fast and efficient network status updates on the functioning of routers and switches, then this is the app for you.
  7. Network “Swiss-Army-Knife” – Another all-in-one app similar to Scanny that offers a wide array of functions for the IT professional on the go. Probing, scanning, address lookups, whois queries top the list, but it also includes network reference tools like a subnet calculator, MAC address guide by manufacturer, IANA list of common TCP/UDP ports, and a reference guide for the entire TCP/IP stack.
  8. Bytes – Bytes is an excellent industry specific calculator program that quickly converts values into hexidecimal and IP address ranges into CIDR notation.
  9. Server Admin Remote – For MAC servers only, this app provides an iOS interface to OS X Server’s Server Admin utility. It’s said by most users that this is better than using server admin.
  10. Server Monitor – One of the top jobs of any IT professional is keeping an eye on the server and with this app you can do just that from anywhere. Quick and simple to use, it uses SSH connections to retrieve and display uptime, load average, and memory status.
  11. RBL Status – When it comes to keeping tabs on the mail servers then Real Time Blacklist lets you know if your servers have been blacklisted by various organizations. Useful if you are in charge of a mail server that is accessed by a large number of users.

Obviously when it comes to IT apps there are many to choose from, but the ones listed above have been tested by the real professionals who all have had nothing but good things to say about the apps and their performance.

When it comes to getting your job done you need to use dependable software, and the apps listed are rated the most dependable on the market today. Download these apps with confidence, as many IT professionals before you have been using them and depend upon them daily.

By Alisha Webb. Alisha is a British writer working out of Barcelona and content developer for  – IT service provider in London.