Top 5 IT security risks in 2016: IoT to drones

2015 was a memorable – although not a devastating – year for cyber security.

We witnessed less widespread, panic inducing vulnerabilities in 2015 than in years past; while 2014 will go down in the security history books as the year of Heartbleed, ShellShock and point-of-sale malware, 2015 was comparatively tame.

However, trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud networking did generate a host of new threats. Researchers revealed attacks that could compromise connected devices such as cameras, cars and rifles. Stagefright was at the top of the list of mobile security risks, allowing malicious users to exploit Android devices simply by sending a malicious MMS message.

It is important for  IT professionals and security specialists in United Arab Emirates (UAE) to understand emerging threats in 2016 so that they can protect against them.

With the blurring of network boundaries and the increasing number of connected devices, A10 Networks predicts even more attacks and vulnerability disclosures in 2016.

Source: Top 5 IT security risks in 2016: IoT to drones