Top Indian Government Sites Brought Down by Anonymous

(Ping! Zine) – A week after launching cyber-attacks that brought down Russia’s top government website, notorious hacking group Anonymous set its sights on a different country: India. According to a Friday report from the BBC, a variety of Indian’s government-affiliated sites including one belonging to the country’s Supreme Court faced downtime at the wrath of the group. DDoS, a common tactic was used to cause the downtime.

Aside from the Supreme Court, other government sites targeted included those belonging to two top political parties.

As usual, there was some form of political reasoning for bringing down the sites. According to the BBC, the hacking group indicated that the attacks were made as a response to what it saw as “internet censorship” in the country. The message itself was supposedly posted via an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter feed.

Within recent months, actions regarding online piracy have affected file sharing within the country. Via a court order, copyright company Copyrightlabs was able to force internet service providers in the country to block illegal file sharing on sites such as The Pirate Bay and DailyMotion. Copyrightlabs itself was included as a target in the hacking group’s actions as well, according to the report.

The Pirate Bay recently saw widespread news coverage due to a DDoS attack that recently brought the site down for over a 24 hour period. Anonymous denied any involvement in that attack. However, it was made after the Pirate Bay condemned Anonymous-backed actions against internet service provider Virgin Media who had recently blocked customer access to the Pirate Bay.

At the time, The Pirate Bay stated, “We do NOT encourage these actions. We believe in the open and free internets, where anyone can express their views. Even if we strongly disagree with them and even if they hate us.”