Total Recall: Researchers Say It Could Be Coming Soon

Total Recall: Researchers Say It Could Be Coming Soon(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remember every detail of our life, especially those precious moments we sometimes loose over time?

Scientists from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center may have discovered a way to aid in the process memory recall and brain processing.

According to a report from TechTimes, researchers discovered a new molecule, Fragile X Related Protein 1, that could turn memory recall on and off while studying a model mouse brain.

“Previous research has shown that production of new molecules is necessary for storing memories in the brain; if you block the production of these molecules, new memory formation does not take place,” says Dr. Keith Murai. “Our findings show that the brain has a key protein that limits the production of molecules necessary for memory formation. When this brake-protein is suppressed, the brain is able to store more information.”

The report states that future research will be devoted to finding what exactly prompts the FXR1P molecule to recall memories.

“Future research in this area could be very interesting,” continues Murai. “If we can identify compounds that control the braking potential of FXR1P, we may be able to alter the amount of brain activity or plasticity. For example, in autism, one may want to decrease certain brain activity and in Alzheimer’s disease, we may want to enhance the activity. By manipulating FXR1P, we may eventually be able to adjust memory formation and retrieval, thus improving the quality of life of people suffering from brain diseases.”