Troubleshooting – How to Close Apps on Apple’s iOS7

Troubleshooting - How to Close Apps on Apple’s iOS7(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – iOS 7 changed a lot of things on Apple’s mobile operating system, not only visually, but also how you control the system’s functionality.

One big question iPhone users are asking is: “How the heck do you close apps?” Well thankfully, the answer is simple, albeit not particularly obvious.

The answer lies in Apple app cards – something that’s featured on the multitasking menu. According to a report from CNET last week, in the instance that the app is frozen or you’re just troubleshooting, you can launch into multitasking, then swipe up on the app’s card to close it (it’s important to note that this is not the app icon).

Apple’s launch of iOS 7 earlier this month was considered the company’s biggest update to its mobile OS since iOS’s initial launch back in 2007.