Trusteer Issues Warning on Banking Malware

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Computer security company Trusteer recently issued a warning concerning a new type of malware effecting customers of banking institutions.

As an Ice IX configuration, the malware operates by asking customers for their telephone numbers and capturing vital information that could be relevant to a user’s financial information.

“In addition to stealing bank account data, these Ice IX configurations are capturing information on telephone accounts belonging to the victims. This allows attackers to divert calls from the bank intended for their customer to attacker controlled phone numbers,” stated Trusteer CTO Amit Klein when recently discussing the issue in a media alert.

Klein continued, “I believe the fraudsters are executing fraudulent transactions using the stolen credentials and redirecting the bank’s post-transaction verification phone calls to professional criminal caller services (discussed in a previous Trusteer blog) that approve the transactions.”

Trusteer says the malware is a “modified variant of ZeUS” and that it affects three British phone providers including Sky, British Telecommunications and TalkTalk.

Malware has presented an increasingly problematic issue on the Internet for years now. In November of last year, IT company Juniper Networks released a study estimating that malware on popular mobile OS Android had increased by more than 400% since July.

As a security company, Trusteer offers security solutions including malware detection, web communication security and more. The company also recently announced that banking company Huntington Bank had implemented the company’s Rapport and Pinpoint services.