TTM Launches RESTjee Software to Expedite REST APIs for Remote Data Access

TTM Launches RESTjee Software to Expedite REST APIs for Remote Data Access(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Total Transaction Management (TTM), a global leader in transactional message-oriented middleware, today announced the release of its new RESTjee™ API software.

Designed to simplify and accelerate remote access to major database management systems, as well as other types of data stores, RESTjee enables developers to quickly define and implement REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs that are used for accessing virtually any data store — without the need to develop any server-side code nor implement persistence frameworks or client-side libraries of any kind. It’s a lightweight persistence and REST framework that reduces server-side bloat.

Built on Open Standards

“RESTjee builds on industry standards like JEE, HTTP, JDBC and JSON,” explains RESTjee Development Architect, Joe Fernandez. “By leveraging these popular building blocks, we’re able to craft a simple API configuration process that can be completed in minutes by anyone with a basic knowledge of the data schema.”

What is unique about this product is how it allows one to quickly define and implement multiple REST APIs – via a couple of configuration files – that enable remote access to data being hosted by different data stores, e.g. MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgresSQL — even popular spreadsheet programs. RESTjee lets users “front end” virtually any data store without license restriction. With RESTjee, users can quickly and safely expose current and legacy data to today’s mobile and remote apps, websites, and enterprise applications.

Secure Implementation

“With critical data, security is tantamount,” acknowledges Fernandez. “Thanks to inherent JDBC safeguards, RESTjee-based APIs are resilient to SQL injection attacks. You can also leverage the authentication and authorization services provided by the JEE servlet container to control access to the APIs.”

The software, which is available with a 30-day free trial, starts at $3600 per year and can be purchased at The software package includes TTM’s world-class level of documentation.

About TTM

Since 1995, TTM has been a leader in transactional message-oriented middleware. TTM clients include many Fortune 100 companies. TTM’s level of professionalism yields product quality and service excellence that is consistent with ISO and world class standards. With an average 20+ years of experience in developing and maintaining commercial software systems, our engineers have embraced many programming languages and relevant technologies, while solving customer requirements and support with 100% satisfaction. TTM has offices in San Diego, Bentonville, Sydney, Tampa, and Hamburg. For more information, visit or contact Joe Fernandez at joe.fernandez(at)ttmsolutions(dot)com or call 760.591.0273.