Tumblr Glitch Lands Weird Content on Random Blogs

Tumblr Glitch Lands Porn on Random Blogs(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – An issue with Tumblr is causing random posts to appear on the wrong user blogs, a report from Tech Hive noted Wednesday.

According to the story, the problem even caused porn to appear on some random pages. Meanwhile, an image of a vacuum cleaner was spotted as well.

However, the popular micro blogging site is hoping to have things back to normal soon, tell PCMag.com that it wasn’t the result of a hack.

“Our engineering team is working quickly to repair an issue causing incorrect posts to appear on a small number of affected blogs,” stated Tumblr via its official Twitter page.

Yahoo! scooped Tumblr up for the reported price of $1.1 billion last May.