Tumblr is Tenth Largest Web Host, Survey Shows

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – At first glance, you’d perhaps not consider Tumblr your traditional web hosting provider.

But that didn’t stop analytics site Netcraft.com from recognizing it as the tenth largest web host, according to recent statistics for its November survey. The microblogging platform has competed with the likes of other free blogs including WordPress.com.

Netcraft called Tumblr’s rise sudden, noting it had moved away from hosting with SoftLayer to providing for 9.2 million sites through a self-administered netblock. Go Daddy, meanwhile, is at the top of the hosting provider list.

Netcraft’s study was conducted by surveying more than 625 million websites. In addition to recognizing Tumblr, Netcraft also reported Apache’s majority use as a web server, covering 57.2% of the market. That’s down from 65.00% last year.