Twitter, Facebook Compete in Mobile Advertising

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Facebook may be the dominant force in the social networking arena but the world’s top profile site is facing increasing competition in another area: advertising. According to a Wednesday report unveiled by research firm eMarketer, Twitter will beat out Facebook in mobile advertising revenue during the course of 2012.

So how much exactly could Twitter make? $129.7 million. That’s astronomical compared to an expected $72.7 expected to be made by Facebook.  However, the top social site could be playing catch up. The report noted that Facebook just launched its mobile advertisement platform earlier this year.

Meanwhile, another tech presence casts an even larger shadow over the two social sites. Google will take in 2.61 billion in mobile advertising. It’s not surprising though, especially when you consider Google’s integration with mobile OS Android.

“The increasing focus on mobile by both Twitter and Facebook, as well as other major digital advertising publishers, will contribute to growth in the overall US mobile advertising market, which eMarketer estimates will reach $2.61 billion this year. By 2016, the US mobile advertising market is expected to near $12 billion, according to eMarketer,” commented the company in a press release concerning the matter

eMarketer also identified a variety of issues that could account for the social networks’ progress in the market. Among them were Twitter’s use of Promoted Tweets and Facebook’s reliance on Newsfeed Premium ads.

Facebook previously received scrutiny over its advertising plan when General Motors pulled ad support within the social network shortly preceding the site’s highly anticipated IPO in May.