Twitter Live Again After Shutdown in Pakistan

(Ping! Zine) – Citing a statement from a top Pakistani official, the Washington Post reported on Sunday that Twitter faced a major outage in the country of Pakistan that lasted for several hours.

However, the event was no technical glitch. The outage was allegedly due to an intentional blocking of the popular social site due to Tweets concerning Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Twitter supposedly refused to remove the Tweets, a move that lead to the downtime initiated by the country’s Telecommunications Authority.

According to the report, the event lasted around eight hours. Service was finally restored late Sunday night after Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology informed Telecommunication’s Authority Chairman Mohammad Yaseen that it was okay to lift the block.

The Tweets were used to promote a competition on Facebook regarding Muhammad images. Facebook complied with Pakistan’s demands, putting a hold on the content in the country. However, Twitter has maintained it never removed the Tweets despite its service eventually being restored.

Images of Muhammad in the Muslim world are often restricted and considered offensive. In recent years, middle-eastern countries have been criticized for blocking Internet access to common citizens. Last year, mass protests in Syria lead the country to pull its online access, a service that was eventually restored.