U.S. GOV Pressures Defense Distributed on 3D-Printable Gun

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The U.S. government is getting involved in 3D-printable gun plans recently launched by Defense Distributed.

According to a Thursday report form Betabeat, the U.S. State Department has asked the company to remove downloadable blueprints.

Their widespread availability could go against government-regulated export control standards.

“We got an official letter from the Secretary of State, telling me who they were, what their authority was under U.S. law and telling me they want to review these files to see if they’re class one munitions,” stated Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson in an interview with Betabeat.

When initially launching the blueprint, Defense Distributed spread the design known as “Liberator” via file sharing website Mega. Not long after, downloads had already reached 100 thousand.

What’s even more interesting is that the controversial designs made their way onto popular BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay sometime later.

Even with the widespread availability, that’s not to say people will have easy and open access to creating their own firearms. Making the “Liberator” was made possible via the use of an $8,000 3D printer from Stratasys.

Amid high tensions in Washington from an ongoing gun debate, some lawmakers have weighed a ban on 3D gun designs.