U.S. Hacks al-Qaida Websites, Alters Propaganda

(Ping! Zine) – The United States government has actively maintained hacking initiatives targeting al-Qaida affiliated websites, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton disclosed in a speech recently.

The hacking was specifically use to alter al-Qaida recruitment ads emphasizing anti-US sentiments. “Within 48 hours, our team plastered the same sites with altered versions of the ads that showed the toll al-Qaida attacks have taken on the Yemeni people,” said Clinton, according to an ABC News report.

The U.S. Secretary of State’s comments came as part of a Florida keynote address in front of the Special Operations Command gala dinner on Wednesday.

It’s also a tactic that Clinton noted was working quite effectively. “We can tell our efforts are starting to have an impact because extremists are publicly venting their frustration and asking supporters not to believe everything they read on the internet,” she continued. The initiative is being carried out by what Clinton referred to as “a digital outreach team.”

Government officials have longed looked at ways to combat terrorist propaganda. Last year, The Telegraph reported that the British Secret Intelligence Service had hacked an Al-Qaeda affiliated site, replacing its content with cupcake recipes.