U.S. Keeps Firm on Internet Oversight Stipulations

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new fight for the heart of the internet could soon be underway. According to a report from the BBC, the United States is pushing back against attempts from those who want it divert some of its online authority to the United Nations.

The online world is currently maintained by nonprofit entities in the United States. Those control the domain name system and other regulatory specifics. While they are nonprofit, the BBC noted that these fall under the administration of the Commerce Department.

So why not hand over power pertaining to the most popular service used on a global scale? The issue originates from the 1988 ITR treaty, also known as International Telecommunications Regulations.

Changes to that document will be considered at the upcoming World Telecom Conference held in coordination with the International Telecommunications Union. However, the U.S. appears to believe they’re fine just the way they are. US WCIT Head of Delegation Ambassador Terry Kramer said they had “served well as a foundation for growth in the international market” in a statement released by the U.S. State Department on Friday.

“We will not support any effort to broaden the scope of the ITRs to facilitate any censorship of content or blocking the free flow of information and ideas,” commented Kramer.

“The U.S. is concerned that proposals by some other governments could lead to greater regulatory burdens being placed on the international telecom sector, or perhaps even extended to the Internet sector — a result the U.S. would oppose,” the State Department’s document reads. The World Telecom Conference is set to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in December.