U.S. Resists Changes to Web Control at UN Meeting

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A gathering of representatives from governments across the globe had led to a contentious debate as to how much web content control some should have.

At issue are proposed changes to the International Telecommunication Regulations, initially passed in the late 1980s.

Arab-based countries along with Russia are reported to desire more government control of the web – now currently overseen by U.S.-backed initiatives including ICANN.

“What we’re seeing is governments putting forward their visions of the future of the Internet, and if we see a large group of governments form that sees an Internet a lot more locked down and controlled, that’s a big concern,” commented Emma Llanso of the Center for Democracy and Technology in a report from The Telegraph.

The U.S. and Great Britain have, however, resisted the change, fearing it will lead to more content control threatening freedom of expression on the web.

The U.N.-backed gathering will conclude Friday. According to a variety of reports, the disagreement was so tense, the U.S. threatened to back out of the gathering.