U.S. Stepped Up Cyber Activities Following Stuxnet Leak

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Citing sources familiar with the operation, The New York Times reported on Friday that U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. to step up cyber-attacks on Iran following around 2010.

The move came even after information regarding the presence of the Stuxnet virus leaked into the public domain. Code-named “Olympic Games,” the virus attacks were reportedly created during the time of the second Bush administration in coordination with western ally Israel.

At one point, Obama even considered shutting Stuxnet down, but opted against it when security experts emphasized the attacks were still having an effect. Stuxnet was primarily used to battle Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear technology. At one point, it event went so far as to temporarily shutting down the computer system managing the country’s nuclear system.

The Times report comes after Kaspersky Labs detailed a new virus known as ‘Flame’ earlier this week. According to the security company, the software is “the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet unleashed” and was likely launched by a nation state.

In late May, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that the U.S. had used hacking tactics to remove terrorist propaganda from al-Qaida affiliated websites.