Ubuntu: Microsoft Majority Market Bug ‘Closed’

hammerpz(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In 2004, Debian Linux OS Ubuntu saw a problem: Microsoft was hogging the market share and it was having a bad effect on the market. Why? It was harder to make things open source and free.

Fast forward nine years later, however, and it’s something that’s no longer happening.

On Thursday, Ubuntu Project lead Mark Shuttleworth declared Mirosoft’s dominance fixed – something he’d initially referred to as a “bug” in years prior.

The shift was made possible due to the rise in popularity of tablets and mobile devices powered by the likes of Android and iOS.

“Android may not be my or your first choice of Linux, but it is without doubt an open source platform that offers both practical and economic benefits to users and industry. So we have both competition, and good representation for open source, in personal computing,” stated Shuttleworth.

And despite being at odds with Microsoft on some things, Shuttleworth didn’t hesitate to compliment the still dominant tech giant, commenting, “It’s worth noting that today, if you’re into cloud computing, the Microsoft IAAS team are both technically excellent and very focused on having ALL OS’s including Linux guests like Ubuntu run extremely well on Azure, making them a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the market shift has played a role in that. Circumstances have changed, institutions have adapted, so should we.”

Ubuntu was originally launched in 2008. 20 million worldwide currently rely on the open source/free OS.