Uh Oh! iPhone 5 Leak Reveals Ram & Maps Tweak

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Shortly following a photo leak purported to be an iPhone 5 back plate, more details regarding the upcoming iOS device are emerging. On Thursday, Apple news site 9to5Mac reported new information on the upcoming phone.

Although the device may not hit the market for some time (rumors point to October), its release is highly anticipated. That’s not surprising though. It’s common with every other product set to be launched from the company.

New mapping capabilities are set to the hit the device. A leaked photo provided for by 9to5Mac showed an early screenshot of the map app expected to be included in iOS 6. Apple has worked to make it easier for users to not hit the wrong button, contradicting a previous report regarding the matter. A 3D button is included under the scroll area.

RAM on the new device is reported to account for 1 gigabyte. That’s currently the same as what the new iPad operates on.

According to 9to5Mac’s report, the next generation phone will run off an ARM S5L8950X processor. While details regarding the processor were vague, 9to5Mac mentioned that it would likely include a “low power dual core processor.” Interestingly enough, the ARM processor is manufactured by Samsung, known as of late for its high profile patent dispute with the Cupertino-based technology provider.

Another primary detail included in the report is that the device runs on version 13.0.0 of the Darwin Kernel.

9to5Mac previously reported on Tuesday regarding a possible image of the iPhone 5’s back panel provided for by iPhone repair company iFixyouri. That image showed a smaller dock connector. The device could provide enhanced speaker capabilities and was partly made from aluminum alloy.

Apple’s next generation iPhone is also expected to feature a prominently larger screen size representing a half an inch increase. More colors outside the current black and white could also be in the works. Apple previously released the iPhone 4s last October. The 4s was notable for featuring the AI voice feature known as Siri.