UK Lags in IPv6 Adoption, Group Contends

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – An organization initially conceived to provide support to the UK’s march to IPv6 has folded, a report from the BBC noted on Friday.

6UK says it was initially founded with the goal of helping “the UK and UK organisations secure every competitive advantage available from the rapid adoption of the new protocol.”

The shutdown comes as the nonprofit’s board of directors resigned, citing a variety of concerns regarding the UK’s move the new online protocol.

“The UK lags its neighbours, economies of similar size, G20 and EU member states when it comes to uptake of the new Internet protocol, IPv6. This is of growing concern because the RIPE NCC (the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) began to allocate its very last address space of the previous protocol, IPv4, in September this year,” the organization said in a statement.

Among another primary concern was a lack of government support. That’s despite an initial investment of £20k in April of 2010. 6UK also now described itself as “powerless to encourage IPv6 adoption.”

IPv4 addresses have pretty much reached exhaustion with the remaining already redirected to  a variety of registries.