UK Websites Rush to Meet New Cookie Standards

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new law pertaining to the way British business websites administer cookies is set to go into effect this weekend.

Meanwhile, a Thursday report from the BBC indicated that most websites aren’t ready to comply. Under the new law, starting Sunday, websites are required to provide visitors with what the BBC referred to as “informed consent.”

The digital files known as cookies are intercepted by web users when visiting web pages. They allow for data tracking, sometimes from third part advertisers, an issue that has caused substantial concern in privacy circles.

Websites failing to meet the law’s requirements could face the wrath of online users. A tool for web surfers to complain about websites failing to offer consent is set to be released by the Information Commissioners Office.

So exactly how will users authorize cookies on the UK business pages? According to the report, this will possibly be achieved through pop-ups.