UK’s Largest Domain Register Faces Wrath of DDoS

(Ping! Zine) – Yesterday wasn’t a good one for customers of British-based domain operator 123-reg. The company disclosed via its system status section that it had been hit with a Distributed Denial of Service attack, a nuisance that required the company to secure its core network from incoming DDoS traffic.

Beginning the process of traffic redirection took the company just fifteen minutes.

“Being the largest domain provider we are a prime target for this type of activity, and we know this type of activity is on the increase – particularly in Europe – as recent press coverage has shown,” commented the company on its website.

However, a previous statement from the web host signaled that the attack originated in China, according to a report from The Register.

The same news piece noted that 123-reg’s main website faced downtime because of the event. Meanwhile, customer site availability was spotty. One of the affected clients was Laura Curtis, operator of “I noticed our pages were offline after people emailed me saying our website link was dead,” commented Curtis in a news report from the BBC. Aside from providing domain registration, 123-reg offers email, website builder tools, hosting, SSL, VPS and more.