Understanding the Facebook Business Admin Panel

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Facebook has recently made changes to the admin panel on business pages. It is essential for every small business owner to understand what each section of this panel is designed to do. The metrics are implemented in order for business owners to understand the impact of brands on social media.

In the new admin panel, on the top right, your Posts are displayed. It lists all of your posts with information regarding reach, paid reach and promotion. Reach is the number of users that have seen your post on their news feed. If you have paid for a post promotion, you will see the Paid Reach column accumulate with information as well. The Boost Post section is where you can pay to reach a larger audience. This can be helpful if you have a budget allocated to Facebook or are looking to promote one specific post. Facebook gives you an estimate for how many people you will reach based on how much you spend. Facebook’s Post section is beneficial to businesses because it can help you easily identify when a good time to post is and which types of posts are reaching a large audience.

The section below posts is New Likes to the bottom left. The new likes section gives you the profiles of people who have liked your page recently. This is helpful if you provide any special incentive for customers who like your page.

To the right of new likes are your Insights. Your insights section has a graph with three different metrics. The blue line is your Reach, which we discussed above. The green line is People Talking About This, which informs you how many have discussed a post from your business. This includes sharing, liking, commenting, accepting an event, or voting on a poll. The purple dots are your actual posts.

If you click on See All in the Insights area, you will find expanded information. Total Likes is the number of people who currently like your Facebook page. Friends of Fans is the number of people who are friends with people who like your page. Weekly Total Reach is the number of people who have seen any content related to your page in the last week. This number includes all paid promotion and standard posts. For these numbers, Facebook provides the percentage of increase or decrease for each metric in the last week. This is beneficial to your business because you can track which posts create the most positive response. Below the expanded graph you will also find your Virality.

Private messages are still displayed in the top right corner. Messages that have not been viewed yet are highlighted to avoid being overlooked. Below the messages, Facebook provides what a promotional post will look like with your most recent post and an option to purchase it.

Above the private messages you will find tabs with more tools. Notifications will provide you with a list of all recent posts, comments and messages. Edit Page provides you with options for page and administrative settings. Build Audience provides you with the option to invite friends to like the page, share the page, and create an advertisement. The Help section provides you with basic tips and information for starting and troubleshooting with a business page. In this drop down menu you can also send feedback to Facebook.

The expansion of Facebook’s business pages can help your small business engage users more efficiently and help to develop your online community.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/hocus-focus

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