Understanding what Web Hosting Uptime is All About

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a web host company. Of course bandwidth and the amount of disk space are the main considerations but other than these, another thing that should not be neglected is web hosting uptime which can determine the quality of the company’s service and performance. Not a lot of people, especially those who are unfamiliar in this industry are aware of the importance of knowing what a web host company can offer when it comes to uptime.

The term uptime refers to the duration or running time of a computer server. Websites should always be up and available for access, any downtime or server failure can have an effect on the company and might even result to loss of clients. At any cost, web site owners or administrators are looking for hosting companies that can provide them with a high uptime percentage. The 404 error on a web page is caused by downtime.

Though downtime may seem unavoidable in some cases such as software upgrade or when the site security is compromised, web host providers should find means on how to shorten the amount of time that the website will be unavailable. A number of web hosting companies are now investing on this aspect and provides an extensive program to monitor the servers’ performance 24/7.

Now in terms of advertising and promotions, a 99% uptime offered by hosting companies may seem like an ideal option. But that 1% difference could mean about 15 minutes of downtime every day and for a website that sells their products and services online, these minutes can be very crucial. Are you willing to take the risk and lose customers because of this? Web host providers are now working hard to provide customers with 99.9% uptime which is about 2-3 minutes daily.

In search for the right provider; the higher the uptime rates the better.  Plans with a better uptime may cost a little more but this is an investment that is surely worth your money. If you are planning to launch an online store, remember that the first rule of business is to always have your website up and running. The internet provides a huge market for anyone who wants to make money but a website needs to be available and easily accessible for prospective customers.

So if you are out there looking for a reliable web host provider, do your research. Read the feedbacks and ratings given by customers regarding a company’s performance and uptime offer.

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