Unified Video Conferencing Experience

If your business is considering the expansion of your communication streams, this might be a sign that it is time to unify your communication platform. In fact, over the last decade, video conferencing has become an essential addition to most business communications. What’s more, now it can be done through unifying video conferencing by Blue Jeans Network and multiple other service providers you may already be familiar with. Unified video conferencing, simply put, is taking the ways you communicate through video conferencing and putting them into one single interface in your business. For your business, this could mean integrating voice calling, video conferencing and mobile messaging all in one.

videoThe perks of unification

These days, business matters probably have you and your staff flying and driving all over the country and even across the globe. The distributed labor force is driving more companies to turn to video conferencing as one of our primary streams of communication. With one single platform for video conferencing and a reliable service provider like Blue Jeans, online meetings can be scheduled on the go without days of notice as they usually would because of the time and location based differences. While internally this serves staff better, the improved operations of your business will enhance the customer experience as well. You and your staff will be able to instantly reply to customer requests and even seek assistance from external consultants through unified video conferencing on shorter notice.

Since there are so many different ways and services that claim to provide exceptional unified video conferencing services, what characteristics should you be looking for when considering enhancing this communication experience for your business? Having a strong and clear indication of whether a user is present for video conferencing is a must. The platform to which you are to unify your video conferencing should have features that allow your staff to easily distinguish who is available immediately to allow for the most efficient and likely time sensitive communication. A tip is to have a platform that you can incorporate your calendar and planning system into—never miss another meeting!

Embracing multiple platforms

A unified video conferencing system should also be connected to various other communication devices at your location. For example, some staff might be connecting from their computers and others from a conference calling system or even a simple deskphone. Never underestimate the power that interconnected technology has on providing valued customer service. You can sync all your devices around the office with the same number and receive calls with a single ring. Some unifying video conferencing services even allow you to transfer calls from device to device without having to interrupt your conversation.


In addition, consider the video quality and capabilities of your adapted unified video conferencing experience. Unifying video conferencing platforms can sometimes provide amazing functionality for your camera on just your desktop computer alone, or from your smartphone for no the go usage. Mobile connectivity is important and it’s nice to know that this is an available service for video conferencing platforms that connect users on the web and on the road.

Including other communication technology

Do not forget unifying communication can also mean adding unifying messaging to enhance the video conferencing experience. Chances are there will be content in your email, fax or voicemails that you would like to address or have easy access to during the video conference call—so why not set out to make sure these technologies are unified in your video conferencing experience as well?

It might feel rather abstract to try and predict your future business needs in the present but that is how you will be able to get ahead of the game. Unifying your video conferencing experience will help you make your business more scalable and therefore more valuable in the future. Communication is the key to operational excellence and unified video conferencing is built to grow with great scale. Selecting any possible hardware or software upgrade for your business will be a long term investment of time to seek out the steady rates of growth.

Small businesses are rapidly expanding and it looks to be a bright future for many of you with the use of unified video conferencing and communications systems. If you still feel reluctant or purchasing a unified video conferencing server for your business, you can also test out the cloud based solutions to reflect on your experiences and compare. Cloud options provides you the flexibility of paying per user instead of the whole system which may not be as realistic for smaller businesses to invest in right away. Whichever option you end up selecting, you can be sure to expect the continual integration of smartphones and other mobile devices into these newly popular unified video conferencing systems.