Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks: Putting Your Privacy at a Great Risk

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – With the advancements in modern technology comes a long list of its pros and cons. This is exactly the case right now as the public becomes more and more dependent on the use of the internet. Have you ever gone through a day without checking your email or updating your social networking account? The truth is today’s people have relied on the technology more than ever. And with a number of places offering free Wi-Fi access, everyone just can’t get enough of their mobile phones and laptops.

Several business especially restaurants and coffee shops have tapped in to the idea of being a Wi-Fi hotspot. Why? This is simply because this strategy works if you want to attract more customers. People find it convenient to use this free connection without even thinking that their privacy and personal information could be at a great risk.

Utilizing public access or unsecured Wi-Fi networks is like setting yourself in a danger without even realizing it. These hotspots are a favorite of scammers, hackers and online identity thieves that are looking for their next victim. And without proper knowledge on how to protect yourself, then you might be next.

You’ll be surprised to find out the technology that hackers use in order to gain access to people’s personal information and with it being present on an unsecured connection, it becomes easier for them. The best thing that you can do to keep your personal information secured is to limit your internet access when in a public hotspot. Avoid opening your email or online bank account on these places. Also refrain from opening personal sites that require a username and password. It is in your best interest to keep all your private online transaction done using a secured internet connection and away from the eyes of the public.

Another thing that you should avoid is shopping online using a public Wi-Fi account. Aside from visiting unsecured and unverified shopping websites, the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft could increase if you are using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection for your cyber shopping. Hackers could easily get sensitive information such as personal and credit card details and you won’t even know it.

Of course the offer of a free connection could surely sound very tempting. Most internet users do not get easily alarmed because they cannot see the hacker. This is a silent attempt that could provide great damage to your identity and even credit history. Simply put, this would be a case of browsing at your own risk.

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Author: Ricca Mia