UptimeSafe Boosts Hosting Signups by 34%

(Ping! Zine) – UptimeSafe announced today that their UptimeSafe Certification has increased signup conversion rates among certified hosting providers by 10 to 34% during the first month of their effectiveness study being conducted in collaboration with leading hosting companies like Superb Internet, CrystalTech, and Exabytes.

As part of this study, the participating hosting providers displayed the UptimeSafe Seal to a random sample of website visitors each day during the month of June 2010.  The signup conversion rates were then tracked and compared between those displayed the seal and those who were not. In total, over 25,000 unique visitors were analyzed. The results revealed a stunning increase in signup conversion rates of as much as 34% among visitors displayed the seal during this period.

“The results of this ground breaking study proves two things”, says Pedro Pequeno, President of UptimeSafe.  “Consumers care a great deal about hosting reliability and hosting companies who market their reliability using UptimeSafe can gain a tremendous amount of new business that would otherwise pass them by.”  UptimeSafe is the first and only company of its kind to give service providers a way of independently certifying and marketing their reliability directly to consumers through a seal of trust.
UptimeSafe works by monitoring a cross section of a service provider’s network around the clock and certifying their uptime and reliability based on a comprehensive set of UptimeSafe standards.  Providers who meet these certification standards are able to display the UptimeSafe Seal on their websites and in their marketing materials. The UptimeSafe Seal helps hosting companies differentiate themselves, increase buyer confidence, and boost signup conversions.

For more information about UptimeSafe, visit: www.uptimesafe.com