US Government To Shut Down 100 Data Centers

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Later this month, the Office of Management and Budget will submit a list of 100 data centers that the Obama administration plans to close down.

Although specifics remain unclear, the government could save billions from the closures. A total of 800 data centers are expected to be shut down by 2015.

The announcement represents the transition to the more efficient and cheaper cloud-based environments. The government outlined a “cloud-first” policy earlier this year. The policy has forced agencies to look deeper into cloud computing before making any other decisions when it comes to information technology.

During recent testimony at a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, Federal Chief Administration Officer Vivek Kundra made clear the government’s intentions to move aggressively with the overall plan.

Despite the plan, challenges remain. The reliance on fewer data centers means a larger up-front transitional cost for the remaining data centers. Centers not being cut will require disaster recovery and system upgrades. Lease agreements also affect how soon some data centers can be shut down.

Out of last year’s eighty billion dollar information technology budget, twenty-four billion went towards improving data center databases. While the government had 432 data centers in 1998, around 2,100 exist within the United States today.