US Marshals Raid Tech Show’s Hoverboard Booth

US marshals have raided a Chinese company’s booth at Las Vegas tech show CES – seizing all of the hoverboard-maker’s one-wheeled vehicles.

Onlookers said people working on the Changzhou First International Trade Co stall were stunned.

A team of marshals were seen confiscating products and merchandising material, which the US Department of Justice say is related to a civil case.

It follows a patent infringement claim filed by a Silicon Valley-based rival, and the case is set to reach court in the next few days.

The firm’s hoverboard model – featuring a single central wheel rather than one at each end – is similar to California-based Future Motion’s Onewheel vehicle.

The Onewheel uses sensors and computer controls to balance the board, which are covered by two key patents stopping rivals using similar technology for free.

Source: US Marshals Raid Tech Show’s Hoverboard Booth