Use PPC to Attract More Website Visitors

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When you use Google as your search engine, you have probably already noticed: the small text ads above the regular search results, and to the right of the page, match the search terms you just entered. Have you considered using these Adwords for your business?

This so-called keyword advertising on Google Adwords is the ideal way to attract targeted visitors with related queries on your website – and better yet, you will only be charged when users actually click on your advertisement. Additionally, you can establish the size of your budget on your own. Google will match your targeted keywords with exactly the right people to drive traffic to your website. Google Adwords is a proven and effective way to direct more of the right visitors to your products and attract customers.

Reach potential customers without detours

To place an ad using this method, you first need to create a Google account and log-in to Google Adwords. From there, you simply follow the instructions that are laid out for placing an advertisement using your company’s targeted keywords. Then, when users perform a Google search using one of your keywords, your own advertisement will appear alongside or above the results, so you can capture any potential customers that are interested in your products directly from the results.

When a user clicks on your ad, they will be directed to your website to learn more about your business. Google even lets you check exactly what you’re getting for your money. Various tools and evaluation modules will display exactly what works well and what advertising campaigns still have potential for optimization. In the help section you can find information and explanations about keyword advertising and tips for best results.

Various adjustments are possible

You can customize every aspect of your Google Adwords campaign online: budget, your ad text, keywords, geo-targeting, day and time for the ads, and many other settings can be adjusted as needed. A company only incurs a cost from the service when a user clicks on your ad, and you have the additional option to only show ads to people searching in a particular region, city, or even in a particular country.

Another advantage is that there is no minimum spend and no minimum time period. For example, you could start with a daily budget of $25 and a maximum cost of 25 cents per click on your ad and find out whether a campaign with your keywords is at all effective, and adjust your budget further if needed.

To provide your eventual website visitors with the right information, you should direct them to a landing page on your site for that particular product, as opposed to the general homepage. The more precise the content and presentation on the landing page, the greater your chances of success with keyword advertising.

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