Users Urge FCC To Keep Internet Open During Net Neutrality Twitter Chat

Users Urge FCC To Keep Internet Open During Net Neutrality Twitter Chat (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On Tuesday an FCC official did a Q&A on Twitter discussing Tom Wheeler’s updated Net Neutrality proposal and asking for user’s viewpoint and solutions on the issue.

“The draft asks if paid prioritization should be banned outright [and] seeks comment on best ways 2 protect innovators,” wrote Special Counsel of External Affairs within Wheeler’s office, Gigi Sohn.

According to PC World, many participants in the chat urged the Commission to make the Internet a “public utility” such as a regulated, common-carrier service.

“It’s as important as electricity to modern Americans. Classify it as a common carrier now! #FCCNetNeutrality,” wrote one Twitter users.

Other users expressed their concern for small businesses and how they would be able to compete against large corporations if ISPs would charge websites for faster loading speeds.

“If Thursday’s ruling green lights varying rates for access, how will small businesses compete against giants like Amazon?” wrote another user during the Q&A.

“Chairman wants 2 ensure all Americans can get unfettered access 2 the content & application they want,” wrote Sohn.

The FCC’s meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, which will open the proposal to public comment for 60 days.

New Net Neutrality rules are expected to be enforced by the end of the year.