Using a Tablet to Increase Your Productivity

Using a tablet to increase your productivity at home or at work sounds like a crazy at idea at first. After all, you probably use your tablet mainly for entertainment purposes like watching Netflix, playing Clash of Clans, and catching up on your leisure reading. But did you know the tablet you use for all your distractions can actually be utilized to help you increase your productivity? One CNET survey recently reported that tablets are beginning to replace laptops in people’s daily routines. If this trend continues, it is imperative to learn how to make the most of your tablet usage. Here are a few simple suggestions to implement when you want to evolve your tablet usage to be more efficient as well as some practical productivity uses.

tablet1. Remove the distractions.

It might seem like an obvious first step, but it is extremely hard to implement if you’re used to using your tablet for fun and relaxation. Nevertheless, the first way to become more productive is to remove the distractions that keep attracting your attention. For you, this might look like deleting your games entirely. However, it may be just as simple as reorganizing all of your distractions into one simple folder that you allow yourself access to only at appropriate times.

2. Organize your screen.

If you decide to keep the apps that entertain you, put them on a separate page. When you turn on your tablet, you need to instantly be inspired to use it for productivity-related purposes. Put your most-used work-related apps like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Quick Office on the front page for easy access. Hide the fun apps in the back.

3. Invest in a keyboard.

If you’re doing any significant amount of writing, investing in an external keyboard is a good idea. It will save your time and your thumbs. Writing on a tablet is especially productive because of the lack of true multi-tasking. It is harder to browse Facebook and type up a report concurrently on a tablet than it is on a laptop, so you are forced to choose which task is the most important. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch, you can even turn off all the notifications for other apps so you can focus wholeheartedly on the task at hand.

4. Use your tablet as a second monitor.

There are many times when a second monitor comes in handy. Researching for a paper or business report? It’s much easier and more convenient to refer to a second monitor than it is to click back and forth between multiple windows and tabs. For instances when multi-tasking truly is a crucial component of the task, having a tablet available to function as a second monitor is advantageous.

5.  Use your tablet to make lists.

Your brain isn’t wired to keep track of lists; that’s why you always forget the olive oil at the grocery or to pick up your dry cleaning on your way home from work. With apps like Wunderlist and Remindus, it is easy to organize and delegate what needs to be done. Wunderlist gives you the ability to create sublists and turn email forwards into actions. These features are a huge benefit for detailed thinkers who like to be able to refer back to specific instructions while also utilizing the succinctness of a list. Additionally, Remindus allows you to remind others of something that needs to be done and be notified when that person has completed it. This is great for teams (and significant others)!

6. Use your tablet to host a meeting.

Are the kids’ home sick but you still need to meet with co-workers face to face? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch has both forward and front facing cameras which makes it ideal for taking pictures and video-conferencing. Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts give you the ability to check in visually with teammates and co-workers.

7. Use your tablet to practice a speech.

Psychology Today reports that Americans still fear public speaking more than they fear death. If you’re in the business world, chances are, you are called on to give oral presentations from time to time. If you’re in sales, you may even make a living off the results of your speeches! Apps like i-Prompt Pro allow you to transform your tablet into a teleprompter. You can enter in the text you want to see and adjust the scrolling speed to your preference.

Tablets are no longer relegated to distraction devices. When used purposefully, they are powerful tools that make your work flow more productively. Once you begin using a tablet to be more efficient, you will be surprised at how many uses you find for it. Tablets are convenient, more portable than laptops, have stellar processing speeds, are quick to boot up, and have long battery lives.