UXP Systems to Work with Rovi to Extend Operator Services Including Next-Generation Television to Multiple Screens

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – UXP Systems, provider of the leading multiservice and personalization gateway for next generation television today announced the planned integration of UXP Systems’ MINT Software Suite with Rovi Remote Access Services, a new component of the Rovi Cloud Services offering. Once finalized, UXP plans to offer the resulting solution to service providers who can use the solution together with a Rovi guide to control legacy set top boxes.

“With our Rovi Remote Access Services integration, operators who deploy the MINT Platform will be able to personalize, blend and extend new innovative services into video experiences that span across legacy set tops, tablets and smartphones,” said Jay Deen, CTO of UXP Systems. “Operators will be able to further differentiate their multiscreen experiences by creating a more converged, multiservice experience, without the need to make any changes to their existing set-top boxes and BSS /OSS Systems”. By using the Rovi Cloud Services API and the MINT Software Suite, Rovi customers will be able to deliver a companion app experience that gives subscribers the ability to remotely control their legacy set-top box using a smartphone or tablet.

The collaboration between UXP Systems and Rovi coincides with the recent launch of UXP Systems’ MINT 3.5 Software Suite, which has enhanced User Lifecycle Management capabilities, enabling operators to increase their competitive position by providing new personalized and enhanced services that are more streamlined and compelling for consumers.

UXP Systems and Rovi plan to integrate Rovi Remote Access Services with the MINT Multiservice Gateway. This is designed to allow providers to easily integrate next-generation TV features powered by Rovi into MINT’s Multiservice Gateway module, offering consumers the ability to:

  •     Remote Tune and Remote DVR, which can allow advanced guides on connected devices to perform various DVR Management functions including setting personalized recordings. In addition, the solution is designed to allow the integration of social media within the home entertainment experience
  •     Access multiscreen voice and viewing capabilities from multiple devices including tablets and smartphones.


“We believe UXP Systems’ MINT platform will be a welcomed addition to our portfolio of solutions that use Rovi Cloud Services that are designed to help our customers create dynamic and more personalized ways for consumers to discover and enjoy entertainment across multiple screens,” said Michael Buchheim, senior vice president of product management, Rovi. “An important element of this process — and for creating smarter home environments in general — is to form a communication gateway between connected devices and the legacy infrastructure. Our latest cloud services are designed to further this effort, allowing UXP MINT customers the ability to offer advanced and intuitive entertainment experience.”

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Rovi is leading the way to a more personalized entertainment experience. The company’s pioneering guides, data, and recommendations continue to drive program search and navigation on millions of devices on a global basis. With a new generation of cloud-based discovery capabilities and emerging solutions for interactive advertising and audience analytics, Rovi is enabling premier brands worldwide to increase their reach, drive consumer satisfaction and create a better entertainment experience across multiple screens. The company holds over 5,000 issued or pending patents worldwide and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Discover more about Rovi at Rovicorp.com.

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About UXP Systems

UXP Systems’ award winning MINT Software Suite enables operators to go beyond the household and personalize next generation video, integrate blended and over-the-top services and extend seamless, authenticated access to any screen. By combining its unique User Lifecycle Management and Multiservice Gateway capabilities, MINT enables true personalization while rapidly extending product roadmaps and transforming user experiences. For more information, please visit http://www.uxpsystems.com.

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