Vade Retro strengthens its position in the hosting world with a new cPanel Plugin for 235 million inboxes globally

​(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Vade Retro, the next generation email filtering platform, announces a new cPanel Plugin for hosting companies.

Since the recent partnership with Cisco Systems, that included Vade Retro’s graymail filtering capabilities into the ESA 9.5, Vade Retro is a proud member of the cPanel environment with its new cPanel Plugin. The plugin makes it easier for hosting companies to enhance graymail management and deploy Vade Retro’s filtering capabilities in just one step.

Low priority emails such marketing and newsletters, known as Graymail are very “polluting” to an inbox. 75% of all emails are Graymail. 62% of such emails represent marketing and newsletters and another 25% are interpersonal & transactional emails. Although users can opt out of receiving these marketing emails, senders often times don’t respect the unsubscribe requests of the user which is a major pain.

Vade Retro is the only company that can provide graymail management with both classification and unsubscription options and doesn’t require any complicated action to integrate the heuristic filter. Additional cPanel features include webmail integration, account management. With the new cPanel Plugin, hosting companies can improve their client’s email environment and manage subscriptions easily through the popular Linux control panel (WHM). Customers are also able to manage features one by one (unsubscribe, antispam and graymail classification) to add and or delete them.

“Our new cPanel Plugin is another critical step we are taking to maintain our position as the leader in graymail management and email security,” says Adrien Gendre, VP of Product Management. “We’ve worked with hosting companies such OVH before and now we’re going even further to help them mitigate their customer’s love/ hate relationship with email, as well as compete equally against major players like Gmail and Office 365.”

In addition to the new cPanel Plugin, Vade Retro has an assortment of other enterprise software products. Its Vade Retro Gateway solution Mailcube that provides a full range of filtering, classification and email management tools. While the Vade Retro Cloud is efficient, flexible and continuously updated to guarantee high availability of any messaging system. For more information on Vade Retro, please visit

About Vade Retro

Vade Retro is the next-generation email-filtering platform, and the only solution today capable of classifying emails by priority, and eliminating low priority emails (Graymail) using an automated safe unsubscribe. Vade Retro’s heuristic filtering engine has the industry’s best record for ensuring zero-day responses against security threats and low-volume botnet attacks. Vade Retro gateway solutions (Cloud and Virtual MailCube) are already protecting over 235 million email inboxes in 76 countries. Vade Retro is a global company with 4 international offices (San Francisco, Montréal, Hem and Hong Kong).