Verizon: 58% of Stolen Data Due to Hacktivism

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Exactly how much damage done in the area of data breaches during the course of last year can be blamed on the movement commonly referred to as hacktivism? The answer is 58%, at least according to a recent report from wireless provider Verizon.

2011 was notable for high profile breaches from infamous hacking groups including Anonymous and Lulzsec. Both organizations successfully breached sites belonging to top companies and government agencies while citing political motivations. Aside from the downtime of websites, the breaches resulted in leaks of user login credentials.

To compile the report, Verizon said in a press release that it worked with law enforcement worldwide.

Verizon Director of Risk Intellegence Wade Baker specifically discussed the report’s purpose. “Our goal is to increase the awareness of global cybercrime in an effort to improve the security industry’s ability to fight it while helping government agencies and private sector organizations develop their own tailored security plans,” stated Baker.

The wireless communications company releases the report annually, this being its fifth time. Among its other results, Verizon found that 97% of the data leaks could have been prevented. Meanwhile, in recent months, global law enforcement has made significant progress with arresting members of the hacking groups. For more information on the matter, view a press release by Verizon here (