Verizon Galaxy S3: Update to Jelly Bean Via Settings

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you haven’t been automatically prompted to update your S3 device to Jelly Bean on Verizon, here’s the steps to complete the move manually through user settings:

1.)    Go to Settings

2.)    Select “About Device”

3.)    Select “Software Update”

4.)    At the bottom, select “Check Now”

5.)    You then should receive a message stating, “New Software Update from Verizon Wireless”

Size: 400.7 MB

Data Charges May Apply

This software update includes enhancements and improvements to your Samsung Galaxy S3. See for details.

6.)    Select “ok” – Your move to Jelly Bean will then begin

7.)    Phone should automatically reboot – Update continues with image of Android droid

8.)    Automatically reboots again – “Android is upgrading…” (Optimizing app 0 of 122)

9.)    “Android is Finishing Boot”

10.) Congrats, you’re done! Check out the new features including Google Now.